We take riding in traffic and alone on an empty street very seriously. Injury can occur because of hazards, inattention, mechanical failure, distracted people sharing the roadway in all capacities.

Heads UP & pay attention

Email to set up an appointment.

Appointments will begin in August 2017.

We also believe that there are techniques that stress Safety first, Common Sense, Right of Way, Road Communication and Survivability that can be learned.

Dr. Zelada is interested in training people who have  bicycled as kids ~perhaps several decades ago~ and want to learn / improve their urban riding skills.


He is a

 Licensed Cycling Instructor of the

 League of the American Bicyclists

(LCI Number 5478)


He is a lifelong cyclist.

In 1975 he bicycled from NYC to Illinois; in 1982 he cycled from Forest Grove OR to New York City.


He is a life member of Adventure Cycling &

 League of American Bicyclists.


He was appointed by Governor Kulongoski as a 2005 member of the Oregon Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee to the Department of Transportation in 2005. He was Chair of that committee from 2011 to 2013 and termed off in 2013.